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Our third year program will teach you practical ministry tools that will allow you to fulfill your calling under the guidance of the Holy Spirit! These classes provide practical insight into the necessary work of the ministry, and will help equip you to walk out the supernatural destiny that God has placed upon your life!

Anointed Teachers:

Dr. Richard Roberts,  Pastor Keith Chancey,
Dr. Ronnie Pierce,  Dr. Bill Dennington,
Rev. M.E. Littlefield, Dr. Dwayne Norman,
Dr. Robert May,  Pastor Chris Sarno,
Dr. Kimon Crider,  Jennifer Doell,  Bill Wiese

Class Outline:

Practical Ministry
Church Government
The Anointing
Operating in the Supernatural
The Holy Spirits work Today
Submission and Authority
Authority of the Believer
The Gifts of the Spirit II
Work of the Cross
Doctrines of the Bible I, II, III
Eschatology I, II, III
Comparative Religion I, II
Heaven and Hell
Directed Bible Reading


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