NOTE: You can not complete this program until after you have finished the previous program!

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Our second year program will help you to operate in the miraculous power of God while taking you on an in-depth study of scripture. Delve deep into the riches of the word of God, and discover the abundance that He has prepared for you to walk in!

Anointed Teachers:

Dr. Norvel Hayes,  Dr. Richard Roberts,
Lindsay Roberts, Pastor Keith Chancey,
Dr. Dwayne Norman,
Dr. Robert May,  Dr. John Hobson,
Dr. Roger Graves Sr.,  Pastor Chris Sarno

Class Outline:

Seeking God #2
Faith #2
Demonology #2
Faith #3
Ministerial Ethics
Healing Ministry
Miracle Living
God’s Power in You
Faith #4
Faith #5
Prayer #2
Spirit, Soul and Body
The Fruit of the Spirit
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
The Mystery #2
In Christ
Worship #2
How to be Led by the Spirit
Name of Jesus
Directed Bible Reading


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